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Production of the best wine starts from the vineyard. It is a saying very popular among the winemakers. So, for a vintner, selecting a vineyard – a place where grapes are grown is first step towards producing a wine. It is a universal fact that good grapes equal to great wine. If the quality of grapes, one of the key ingredients used in wine is high, more than half of the job in producing superior quality of wine is done.

Therefore, selecting the grapes for our winery at Kavre is a matter of utmost importance for us. As we have promised to offer the unparalleled quality of wines to our customer, we have chosen the vineyard of Nasik, the wine capital of India for the grapes used in production of Canvas. The city’s tropical climate at the altitude of 700 meters from sea level is best suited for the production of some extremely high quality of grapes preferred by the popular wineries all over the world.

Our quest for the production of superior quality of wine doesn’t end with the selection of vineyard in Nasik. We don’t believe in adding artificial flavor to maintain the fruity fragrance, an essential character a good wine must possess. Hence, we make sure that each batch of grapes we import from the vineyard in Nasik is inspected by our team of experts which include vintners and other technicians of our winery so that our customers get that tantalizing aroma of the wine while they take a sip of Canvas. We have promised to deliver the best quality wine with unique taste and we will not settle anything below that.

Red Wine

Canvas red wine is made from dark-colored grapes handpicked from historic vineyards of Indian wine capital. At our winery in Kavre, vintners work delicately to extract the authentic red colour of the wine from the grape skin. The wine making equipment -- destemmers and cruchers at our winery are of stainless steel to ensure the best quality. As we use the highest quality of grapes, we do not add the preservatives like sulfur dioxide, which is popular in majority of winery in Nepal. Various research has shown that consuming moderate amount of red wine every day has tremendous health benefits. Studies have repeatedly shown that moderate consumption of red wine seems to lower the risk of several diseases including heart disease. Grapes are rich in antioxidants like resveratrol and proanthocyanidins which are believed to be responsible for the health benefits of the red wine.

White Wine

Canvas sweet white wine is made from white grapes produced in the vineyard of Nasik. In order to produce the best quality of sweet white wine, extract of the grapes is fermented to a level where sugar is not fully transformed to alcohol. Expert vintners at our winery with more than a decade long experience, have gained mastery in such procedure. This ensures the sweet aromatic taste to our white wine as we have promised to deliver to our customers. Latest research shows that, white wines like the red wines too have health benefits. The white wine too, contains flavonoids that have antioxidant properties, which can help prevent cancer.

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